Shenzhen Galaxywind Network Systems Co., Ltd. has 22 years track record on research and development of communications technology products and comprehensive services. We have rich experiences in the field of physical chip set, drivers, communication protocols, distributed cloud technology, software applications, etc. Our product line covers from the Wi-Fi module to the 100G/port core router products. GALAXYWIND is one of a few companies in China that masters the technology on hardware architecture and communication protocol of core routing and switching products.

GALAXYWIND established three research and development centers in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. And there are more than 500 researchers and professionals serving in the team. GALAXYWIND started to develop intelligent product in the year of 2010, and we released the first children’s green internet and remote video intelligent router. In the same year, we also released a high-performance distributed cloud platform for things-internet. In 2012, the company developed the industry's first six-jack smart socket and a variety of intelligent products, at the same time, we started to provide total intelligent home solution for our clients. In the year of 2014, the company released the world’s first intelligent air conditioner partner Wukong i8 on JD Finance(NASDAQ:JD) crowd-funding, the presale reaches 2 million within 35 days, which is the highest among all projects on JD crowd-funding. Today, the company provides total intelligent home solution with our latest product development iWUHome. Meanwhile, iFansCloud offers intelligent solutions for businesses, and iWUCloud gives intelligent upgrade services. There are already more than ten million family users, business users, corporations are enjoying the convenience, comforts and profits created by our intelligent products.